5 Question Interview #111

We put 5 Questions to Dan & Lisa, the brains behind Spa Town Comics and Leamington Comic Con...

What's the secret origin story of Spa Town Comics and how did it all come together?

Dan – We’d previously kick-started and run two comic conventions (Leam Comic Con) in the Town, so knew people had a passion for comics and community events. We had talked about how cool having our own store would be - we even had the name (Spa Town Comics) but it was in 2016 when things fell into place.

Lisa - We both wanted something for ourselves and to create something special for the Town we love, so I quit my job. We’re very clear about what we want Spa Town to be, which is more than your average comic book store - we’re about comics, creativity and community. The sad truth is there’s not much money to be made in comics, you have to create a brand and give people a reason to believe in you. We won’t and can’t compete on price, but we can be 100% better when it comes to offering a personal service and creating a community hub for our Town.

Since you started, what moment has been your highlight so far?

Lisa - Hands down it’s the amazing people we have met and the friends we have made. Despite being a pop-up stall in the local shopping centre at present, the support we get is unbelievable. We recently asked our customers for some feedback and 100% said the thing they’d miss most if they couldn’t buy from us anymore is us! So when you have those odd days when you doubt yourself or things seem a little hard, I like to remind myself that we’re making a difference.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

Lisa – Being your own boss. If I want to stand around and talk to customers all day then I will. I see it as research - we’re listening to our customers all the time, so if they tell us they want more Manga then we order it in, if they want a comics and cocktail night then we’ll arrange one! We’re not fixated on selling just the types of comics we like, we’re open to suggestions.

This is your first year at True Believers, what can people expect to find at your table on the day?

Dan - We’ll be bringing a selection of comics, back issues and graphic novels, but we’ll also be bringing a few things that you can’t buy elsewhere too! We’re passionate about support creativity within the industry and that means helping other independent businesses too. We have an awesome selection of hand turned wooden bats made locally for us which go down a storm – no one can resist picking up our Lucille or Goodnight! We’ll also be bringing some handmade mini figure pictures, art from local artists, oh and our good selves ;-)

If you could pick one line or moment from a comic, which would it be?

Dan – It’s got to be my cameo appearance in Mike Garley’s Killscreen – what comic fan wouldn’t want to feature in a comic, even if I was wearing a blue jumpsuit, with a green diamond on my face and was blown up with everyone else in a bunker!

Thanks guys.

You can find Spa Town Comics on Facebook and Leamington Comic Con on Facebook too.  And don't forget to stop by the Spa Town Table at #TBCF2017 and say "Hello" (don't kill any of their men though, they have a Lucille).