5 Question Interview #120

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With True Believers 2018 fast approaching, we put 5 Questions to Alex Thomas...

What will people find at your table at True Believers 2018?

This December we will be releasing a rundown of the Best 50 Indie Comics of 2017 in our indie comics fanzine The Pull List which we will have available in print for the first time and we are aiming to have a Comic Con Special available on the day as well! At last year’s True Believers we debuted the first ever print issue of The Pull List, and in the year since we have produced three new issues in print, as well as going back to the well and printing 2 of our back issues, so we will have all 5 of those available, and it should be a nicely full table!

What do you love about putting together The Pull List?

It’s my way of celebrating and shining the spotlight on the amazing comics which people on the UK indie and small press scene put together. I always wanted to make my own comics, but was never a good enough writer or artist to achieve this. But I did know how to put together a magazine (after spending 10 years doing it for a living) and so I chose to put together The Pull List. I get immense pride in championing great creators and there is nothing like that moment when someone tells you they discovered a new comic thanks to a recommendation on our site or in our fanzine! It’s also a great for me to discover new and exciting comic books and also to read things which are outside my comfort zone and discover new ways of telling stories.

What part of putting the magazine together do you find the most challenging?

As with all self-publishers the biggest challenge is fitting it in around work and family. The ‘challenges’ of putting the actual issue together are the bits I love, but actually finding time to do it, and do it to the standard I have set for myself, is always a bit tricky!

What do you love about being at a comic con?

Working on a website and publishing things digitally means you can exist in a bit of a bubble, shouting into the void that is social media. So going to a convention is a great chance to interact with readers in person, as well as catch up with creators who I might only have talked to via email or on twitter.The UK indie scene is so welcoming and inclusive that going to a convention is just like a big social event, it’s great. And the more you go the more people you know! It’s also a great chance to pick up new comics to read and meet people whose work I have not yet discovered. 

What comic would you recommend people read?

You’ll be able to see a rundown of our top 50 indie comics of the year at Pipedream Comics on the 1st of December which will feature all the titles I will forget to mention here. However top of my list at the moment are Porcelain: The Ivory Tower (which is just phenomenal and on a par with anything produced by a major publisher!), Mo Ali and Andy Bloor’s Midnight Man: Gunspace and anything by the Etherington Brothers. I’m also eagerly awaiting Rachael Smith’s Wired Up Wrong Deluxe Edition which I think is going to be a very emotive read about a subject which is very important to me.

Photo by Trev Pickstock

Photo by Trev Pickstock

You can find Pipedream Comics online at their website and stop by Alex's table at True Believers 2018 and say "Hello".  Not got your tickets yet, head to our ticket page now to buy yours.