5 Question Interview #126

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With True Believers 2018 fast approaching, we put 5 Questions to Dave West...

What will people find at your table at True Believers 2018?

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Having started making independent comics some 15 years ago with themed anthologies and one shots AccentUK are now focussing on ongoing series and at the moment have 4 issues of the 7 issue Stephenson’s Robot (an alternate history steampunk tale) and 8 issues of WesterNoir (which can be best described as ‘They Lives meets Deadwood’) own the table, we’ve even collected the first 4 in a Volume 1 TPB. We will have an assortment of other comics on the table too, Colin Mathieson’s Moments of Adventure and some Blessed/Cursed one shots about people with abilities who learn that they have to take the rough with the smooth.

What do you love about creating comics?

What I love about creating comics is exactly that. Creating Comics. It is effectively a creative itch that needs to be scratched but taken from the perspective of running a small business. This ‘hobby’ needs to work out financially. Our books need to find a receptive audience and sell in numbers that allow us to pay artists etc and make enough to pay for events and fund the next issue. It’s tough but feedback and customers that turn up at our table looking for the new books make it all worthwhile.

What part of creating comics do you find the most challenging?

Marketting. Finding reviewers who actually do review your books. This is like any other business and if nobody knows you exist or what you are producing then they will most likely pass you by. Getting a presence online is a real challenge and takes up a lot of time. Time that I, rightly or wrongly, tend to invest in all the other parts of the business of making comics.

What do you love about being at a comic con?

I love getting feedback from customers. There’s nothing better than having a discussion with somebody about our work. Knowing that they don’t just buy the books but are also keenly interested in the story and where it’s going. Comic Cons are also a great opportunity to network with other creators, catch up with what they are doing and buy their latest books. I buy very few mainstream comics these days, probably only 2 titles a month. I used to buy about 20. Most of my purchases these days are from my competitors, and it’s an interesting observation that the independent comic scene is a very supportive one. … 

What comic - other than your own - would you recommend people read?

That’s a tough one. There’s a lot of quality work out there and a lot that isn’t as polished but is oozing with passion. If I had to list a few they would be:-

Cognition (it has a steam powered robot in it and is well written, drawn and pulled together. What’s not to like).

The Kill Screen (this is something so unlike anything I’d write myself, or even think of. Again, well written and produced).

Skies of Fire (this is one I feel is more like something I could have written, or attempted to, and wish I had). 

Flintlock (An anthology comic of Lady heroes in alternate history tales. I’m hoping their stories come together in some way).

NPC (this is something that was recommended to me and my first ever Kickstarter purchase … the first of many I think).

You can find Dave online at the AccentUK website and stop by his table at True Believers 2018 and say "Hello". 

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