5 Question Interview #142

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With True Believers 2018 just days away, we put 5 Questions to Russell Olson...


What will people find at your table at True Believers 2018?

Issues of Gateway City, my noir-sci-fi tale set in 1920s St. Louis. Copies of Dirty Rotten Comics #11 featuring my Horatia Hale yarn. And I'll also have The Arte Mephitic, a Lovecraftian cautionary tale told in verse and illustrated with woodcuts.

What do you love about creating comics?

Making a link with the past. Most of my comic inspirations come from the 50s and 60s: rendering, brushwork, composition...all of it. Whenever I sit down to make comics, I feel like I'm having a dialogue with Caniff, Kurtzman or Toth. I can't get enough of it!

What part of creating comics do you find the most challenging?

Time. I like to work on as many projects as possible, but sadly, comics take time and focus. There are oodles of stories I'd like to work on and a number of collaborations that I'm champing at the bit to get to, but my window of availability opens disproportionately into a grotesque, mocking grin.

What do you love about being at a comic con (from either side of a table)?

Meeting people who share your passions and interests. Making new connections and expanding your world both physically and metaphorically.

What comic - other than your own - would you recommend people read?


There's one in particular that I've discovered this year: Nick Prolix's The Sheep and the Wolves. It's a beautifully intimate exploration of a 60s London neighbourhood filled with culture, class and hipness. The writing is sensitive and sophisticated, like the fingers of a watchmaker subtly adjusting a timing screw to just the right degree. The visuals are straight out of the best of the Bande Dessinee tradition and articulate the cast and environments in complete sympathy to the writing. I can't get enough of it, and am certain that in a very short amount of time it'll be on everyone's radar. It's what all of us comic-craftsmen yearn to do.

You can find Russell online at his website and stop by his table at True Believers 2018 and say "Hello". 

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