5 Question Interview #73...

We put 5 questions to Big Punch Studios...

Q) What’s the secret origin story of Big Punch Studios and how did it all come together?

We all came to earth inside separate meteors that collided in orbit forming a colossal fist of molten rock (that still hangs in the upper atmosphere to this day)

 Q) What inspires you to create?

We have heads full of stories, characters and epic moments all the time! We are inspired by other awesome stories, real science and technology and the desire to create and draw things that are unusual and haven't been seen before! No matter how wacky or ridiculous they might be! This is comics, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Q) Since you started, what moment has been your highlight so far?

Every con is a highlight. Getting to talk to fans of our work and to hear their enthusiasm gives us the fuel to go back and make even more awesome comics!

Q) This is your third year at True Believers, what can people expect to find at your table on the day for 2017?

Among the usual huge variety of colourful, dynamic, explosive comics on our table, of which there is sure to be one for anybody, there will be the newly re-printed Cat and Meringue: 1000 days of Adventure; Afterlife Inc. Volume 4 and a whole 2 years worth of our quarterly magazine BPM!

Q) If you could pick one line that inspires you from a comic or nerd culture as your life motto, which would you choose?

'So we've got a deadline... we can do deadlines' - Spider Jerusale

Thank you.

Be sure to check out the Big Punch Studios Website and Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter @BigPunchStudios

And don't forget to stop by their table at #TBCF2017 and say "Hello".