5 Question Interview #90

We put 5 Questions to Shaun Dobie, the creative force behind Evil Kat Studios...

What’s the secret origin story of Evil Kat Studios and how did it all come together?

I am appalling at drawing. Always have been. When we were kids we loved to read and create comics, but in our group we had a writer and an artist which pushed me towards the colouring aspects. As a fan of Joe Madureira’s artwork I soon fell in love with digital colours, such as Liquid, and so strived to learn how to do that. I coloured various projects, but as I started to get more into the independent colouring scene I got frustrated by relying on other people to create before I could colour. That is when I stepped into the creator role, writing and colouring my own work but hiring artists to draw it for me.
Evil Kat became the umbrella brand name I adapted to cover all the aspects of my work and services.

What inspires you to create?

Seeing how amazing other people can be. Some of the other artists, writers, and colourists out there, especially in the independent comic scene, are astoundingly talented. The work that they produce makes me jealous and in turn inspires me to try and produce something even remotely close to their level. I love being creative, and colouring is a hobby that I truly enjoy. My goal then is to make it all look as professional as I possibly can.

Since you started, what moment has been your highlight so far?

I think the highlight of being part of the independent comic scene has been people I have met. Since day one everybody was friendly and supportive and continue to be. They are a great group of people that continue to inspire as well as fuel selfdoubt and jealous hatred....in a loving way!

This is your third year at True Believers, what can people expect to find at your table on the day for 2017?

This year we have the latest issue of Descending Outlands out, issue 3, along another comic I am involved with called Dead Heretics and a variety of posters and postcards that I have coloured. Along with that you can find friendly banter, and probably a collection of smells.

If you could pick one line that inspires you from a comic or nerd culture as your life motto, which would you choose?

If you can’t do something smart, do something right!

Thanks Shaun.

You can find more of Evil Kat Studios online at their website and on Twitter @dobes2 and you can find Shaun's 2016 5 Question Interview HERE!

And don't forget to stop by the Evil Kat Studios table at #TBCF2017 and say "Hello".