5 Question Interview #95

We put 5 Questions to Steve Sims...

What’s the secret origin story that led to you creating comics and how did it all come together?

Its not really a secret, I have been obsessed with monsters, beasts and fantasy worlds since I was a tiddler. My sketch books have always had little stories and short comics in them, and over time I have just tried my very best to make them a bit more like the comics I love and the pictures a bit neater. 

I suppose it came together when I decided to start printing them up and seeing if anyone was interested in buying one.

What inspires you to create?

Anything that acts as a window into a different world. Also seeing people working freely in there own style and really putting their all into their creative idea.

Since you started, what moment has been your highlight so far?

Working on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in the days when it was still owned and run by Mirage studios. Being able to swap art with Jim Lawson and illustrate strips by my all time favourite comics writer Steve Murphy was amazing. 

This is your second year at True Believers, what can people expect to find at your table on the day?

Sketches, original art, copies of my other self published books "Kaiju: Fire and Grimstone" and "The Wyrm and the Well", and of course Issues 1 and 2 of the "Beast Hunting Battle Badgers". Those beast bashing bros are back for some more furry fun.

If you could pick one line that inspires you from a comic or nerd culture as your life motto, which would you choose?

Well I'm not sure if it really counts as comic or nerd culture but there is a line from an old Queen song that always rolls around in my head "You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be".

Thanks Steve!

You can find more of Steve online at his WEBSITE and don't forget to stop by his table at #TBCF2017 and say "Hello". 

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