5 Questions About...

For the second installment of our 5 Questions About... series, Stuart got Jon Laight to take a break from his prep on his upcoming KickStarter for the 3rd issue of the excellent Brethren Born series...

First off - and without spoilers - what's the story so far in Brethren Born and what can we expect from issue 3?

The story revolves around the central character Newton as the reader follows him from being a young boy being experimented on through to him as an adult seeking revenge for some of the tragic events in his life.  The experiments revolved around some of the 'abilities' Newton possesses and we see those manifest throughout the story.  The origin story appears as a 1963 timeline as well, way before Newton is born to continue the world building as a continuous narrative, dropping hints as to what is really going on.  Brethren Born #3: Deceptions ramps up the action as its the first time we actually see Newton utilise his powers and some of the many lies he has been told are revealed.

Brethren Born #3 sees you return to KickStarter again for another campaign, what is it about that platform that has made you come back for a third time?

Kickstarter is a worldwide platform that is easy and intuitive to use.  As long as you put the work in and produce a nice looking, professional and personal campaign, comic backers are usually happy to support a project especially if you provide good value for money.  There are so many comic campaigns out there at the moment as it is an excellent way to be able to fund a self published creation and reach a lot of people.

What fresh challenges does planning for a 3rd Kickstarter throw up and what - if anything - are you doing to make this one different from the last two?

A sneak peak at Brethren born#3 - page 3

A sneak peak at Brethren born#3 - page 3

We have an established art team now who produce some outstanding work so as it's in theory our second comic as a team, I know what these are guys are capable of and try to push the limits a little more.  The time between issue 2 and 3 has been a lot longer than I had hoped so I'm trying to get as much of the book done as possible before the end of the 30 day funding target.  I've invited some new pin up artists as well as some of the previous guys like Dan Butcher and Chris Imber.  On board this time are Sophie Traves, Grant Richards, Vince Hunt and Darrell Thorpe who are bringing some amazing images to the party.

You've done a lot of work in the months leading up to the campaign (especially on Facebook) to build up an audience ahead of it's launch and to get feedback from potential backers on the kind of rewards that would appeal to them.  Why was that kind of input from fans important to you in setting up the campaign? 

Any kind of feedback is always welcome, whether it be positive or critical.  Listening to previous readers as to what they'd like to see happen in the story as well what kind of rewards they'd like will hopefully lead to a successful funded project.  For me it isn't about making money but getting enough to cover costs and push on with the comic and story by getting 'pre-orders' from comic fans who can have a direct influence on what they receive and what they read.  Pre-launch promotion is very important on Kickstarter and its a fine balancing act between annoying people by spamming social media and getting the right amount of messages, teasers and emails.  

And finally, when does the KickStarter launch and what kind of rewards can we look forward to from the campaign this time?

The launch date is all set for Friday March 3rd midday and will run for 30 days.  As I mentioned before the pin up prints are incredible so depending on what level you back the number of prints vary.  I'm also putting more of a focus on digital content not just for issue 3 (which will be available digitally for just £1) but for all three issues and a digital bumper pack for those who may be new to the series.  T-shirts are making a return as well as a limited run on some snapback baseball caps which will look very cool indeed.  The professionally framed comic/art print which went down a storm for issue 2 will be availble with a choice of cover and art print for those lucky enough to get them.  The rewards I can't wait to see myself are one off bespoke action figures of 4 of the characters being produced and sculpted by Joe Ward.  The reward levels are at the upper end but they will be the only ones in the world and if you haven't seen Joe's work before you'll be in for a treat!!  As well as all this there will be the variant covers, 3 issue package deals, original art as well as cover art as our guest artist this time is the amazing Amrit Birdi.  Basically, roll on March 3rd and all the stresses that go hand in hand with a Kickstarter.  Can't wait....

Thanks Jon.

A Sneak peak at Sophie Traves Pin Up

A Sneak peak at Sophie Traves Pin Up

A sneak peak at Grant Richards pin up

A sneak peak at Grant Richards pin up

You can find more about Brethren Born and the KickStarter on the Level 8 website and the Brethren Born Facebook Page and be sure to check out the KickStarter when it launches on Friday 3rd March (there will be a link on this very site in the right-hand block of every page).