3 Question Interview #16

With the True Believers 2018 Summer Variant Edition fast approaching, we bring back our smaller version (it's a smaller event after all) of our regular 5 Question Interview series by putting 3 (new-ish) Questions to Raechel Leigh Carter...


What do you love about reading comics?

I love the imagination behind the artwork in comic books and the creativity of the minds of the artists. Great comics create whole universes populated by the craziest things that people can imagine.

What do you love about creating comics?


Creating comics gives me an opportunity to express myself about things I love and the chance to be silly and have fun. And it’s nice to produce paper copies of things instead of just blogging.  I just wish I had done this years ago instead of waiting so long.

What do you love about comic cons?

I love seeing all the cosplay people, finding new comics to buy and getting the chance to meet the creators too. As a seller it will be nice to meet people at the event and show them my small press books.

Thanks for taking part, what can people find at your table on the day?


I will be selling copies of Nic Cage, Actor for Hire (Issue 1), Morrissey, Misery in Bitesize Chunks (my interpretation of Morrissey’s autobiography) and Merde in France (for people who want to learn how to speak French using pop culture references). I’ll also have some stickers and badges.

You can find more of Raechel online at the Tinynoggins website.

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