3 Question Interview #17

With the True Believers 2018 Summer Variant Edition fast approaching, we bring back our smaller version (it's a smaller event after all) of our regular 5 Question Interview series by putting 3 (new-ish) Questions to the mighty Nick Prolix...

DSC_0086 (2).jpg

What do you love about reading comics?

There's something really special about how the way a comic is drawn transforms what that comic is trying to say and how it's understood and experienced. 

What do you love about creating comics?


Discovering more about the characters and their stories, the constant surprise at the difference between the page you set out to draw and the page that actually wants to be drawn.

What do you love about comic cons?

The chance to chat to everyone and anyone about comics and the creative process. 

Thanks for taking part, what can people find at your table on the day?

On my table you can get caught up on the first three issues of my ongoing retro comic series SLANG PICTORIAL, grab my Sketchbook and prints as well as picking up issues 1 and 2 of the Awesome Comics Anthology which contains COCKNEY KUNG FU, a slapstick crime comedy drawn by me and written by pal and tag team partner Tony Esmond

You can find more of Nick online at his website.

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