3 Question Interview #18

With the True Believers 2018 Summer Variant Edition fast approaching, we bring back our smaller version (it's a smaller event after all) of our regular 5 Question Interview series by putting 3 (new-ish) Questions to Time Bomb Comics' Steve Tanner...


What do you love about reading comics?

Any story can be told using comics. Better than that, any piece of information and knowledge can be shared using comics. As a creative medium comics are unique, both in the way they are created and how they are enjoyed. Personally throughout my life comics have been the constant, the trusted friend, never judging but always there to offer solace. Comics have been with me for my highest of highs and my lowest of lows, and journeyed with me all over the world. They're more than just something to read, at least to me they are, but whenever I just want something to read there they are.

What do you love about creating comics?

Something abstract, there in your head, an idea or a concept, then brought to life and made real - that's the creative process distilled to the basics, and it never, ever gets old. Whether it's putting those words down into the script for the first time, or working with incredibly talented folks  who turn those words into pencils, inks, colours , letters, the creative collaboration involved in making a finished comics page is unbelievably rewarding. As a writer, seeing images in my brain brought to life by talented artists is exhilarating and always unexpected - they always surprise and delight with what they do.  Creating comics is the best job in the world!

What do you love about comic cons?

Making comics, the writing, drawing, lettering and printing?  That's the easy part.  The difficult thing is getting your comic to the readers, and that's why cons are such wonderful places to be, as there's so many potential readers there. And that's the thing - each one is a potential reader, so each one has just as much right to be there as anyone else. The die-hard Marvel fan, the 2000AD groupie, the indie comics chin-stroker, the over exciteable cosplayer, the snide commentator or the angry blogger. Even the "free hugs" guy. All of them, in one big room, united with a love for the medium or the myriad things that flit around its edges.  How can anyone not love that?

Thanks for taking part.

You can find more of Steve and Time Bomb Comics online at his website.

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