3 Question Interview #19

With the True Believers 2018 Summer Variant Edition happening this Sunday, we bring back our smaller version (it's a smaller event after all) of our regular 5 Question Interview series by putting 3 (new-ish) Questions to The Inheretics's Leon Reichel... 


What do you love about reading comics? 

For me, it has to be the drawings. I love to see how illustrators interpret the story, the draughtsmanship, how it’s paced, the dynamics of each frame. When it’s done right you don’t even notice it. All the skill and graft that goes into easing the reader seamlessly through a story. Even more wondrous when you think it was all done using just a pen.

What do you love about creating comics? 


Again drawing, we love to draw…….. and daydream! We’re illustrators, that’s what we do!

Stories and scenarios flit in and out of your mind constantly. If something sticks, you play with it, shape it, re-shape it until you have something worthwhile.
The story has to be strong, as you know the art is hell of a lot of work to get right, so you’re not going to waste your time on something feeble.

And the fact someone is prepared to read it, well that’s just bonkers!

Inheretic Lollipop.jpg

What do you love about comic cons? 

The people, they rarely go to comic cons in a bad mood. Although on saying that, there’s this one guy i keep seeing at every con, who always looks at me like he wants to end my life. 

I don’t ever remember selling him a comic, so it can’t be that!!!

Thanks for taking part.

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