5 (alright 3) Question Interview #1

With the True Believers Summer Variant Edition fast approaching, we're launching a smaller version (it's a smaller event after all) of our regular 5 Question Interview series.  And so for our first edition, we put 3 Questions to the folks behind the fantastic King Legacy...

What will people find at your table at the event?

People should expect 3 approachable guys selling their award winning comic, King Legacy. Dave also does commissions and Liam does foot rubs. 

(Please note: Liam does not do foot rubs!!!)

What is your favourite part of being behind a table at a comic-con?

We love meeting new people who show interest in our stuff. Especially the kids. They are always full of questions and it's great to think we may have inspired someone. 

Also meeting other creators. We have made a whole host of friends ... Or acquaintances, I don't wonna say the friend  word first; I'm shy. 

What can you tell us about what you're working on next and when can we expect to get it?

We are currently working on issue 2. And going by Dave's previous rate this should be ready by 2021. But seriously we are pushing for September this year. 

I'm writing other stuff, one that I'm into in particular that I hope to start the art in as soon as life allows.  

You can find more King Legacy at the True Believers Summer Variant Edition and on their Facebook Page.

And if you haven't bought your tickets to TBCF: SVE yet, head to our ticket page now.