3 Question Interview #4

With the True Believers Summer Variant Edition fast approaching, we continue our smaller version (it's a smaller event after all) of our regular 5 Question Interview series by putting 3 Questions to Cheltenham based artist Ian Blakeman...

What will people find at your table at the?

Some say madness and I would probably agree! I tend to draw weird and wacky ideas that pop into my head, or appear in conversations with my friends and you will find printed copies of my digital insanity along with a few more traditional pieces. As of yet I haven't ever been able to formalism my ideas into some coherent story for a comic but perhaps one day! But hey come have a chat and something we talk about may end up my next big piece!

What is it that you love about what you do?

The general answer is people. The exact answer is when I make someone smile or feel happy over something I have produced. My greatest example was a piece I had done and posted to Redbubble. I got an anonymous message from the buyer who said she had been looking through the internet for the perfect birthday card for her Grandson and had nearly given up but was so thankful she didn't as the image was perfect for him! I felt like I had done good, give something to someone to make them happy and then they, in turn, had made me happy just by a simple comment. So making people smile has always been my goal. It hasn't made me rich but it has made me happy!

What is your favourite part of being behind a table at a comic-con?

Because I said people in the last one I can't repeat my answer, though Cntrl + C is easy to do, and the atmosphere seems a cheesy answer. Personally for me it is the absolute terror of seeing the first person! Each Con I have gone to goes the same way. I set up, I stand about a little nervous and then I see that first person and my heart rate increases. Then people walk past not really coming over. I do the same, walk around, get a feel and then go back. My brain does all the paranoid things of telling me no one likes my work, tells me no ones even going to come over. Then the first person comes up and looks, then somewhere in the mix someone chats to me and finally I make a sale and the terror has turned into relief and then into excitement. Soon I am chatting with people, watching for costumes I know and occasionally running off to look around myself!

You can find Ian at the True Believers Summer Variant Edition and on his website.

And if you haven't bought your tickets to TBCF: SVE yet, head to our ticket page now.