5 Question Interview: Guest Edition #9

We are delighted to welcome Rachael Smith back as our guest for #TBCF2017. Rachael has been a part of the True Believers family since our first event in 2015 and we're thrilled that she will be joining us as our guest again.  

Along with her work on Titan's Doctor Who Tenth Doctor comics, she is also the creator, writer and artist of House Party, The Rabbit, I Am Fire and the webcomic Bess, to name but a few.

To celebrate, we put 5 questions to her...

Q) What’s the secret origin story that led to you working in comics?

I think I've told this story on a panel before so I'm not sure how secret it is! But when I was in primary school I was obsessed with Sonic the Comic. My Dad bought me the first issue on the walk home from school once and I remember being so excited to read it that my hands were shaking. I used to lie on the living room carpet for hours copying the drawings. I guess that was my first experience with how great comics could be. 

Q) What inspires you to create?

I want to make people feel less alone.

Q) What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

I get to work at home in my pyjamas and chain-drink earl grey tea.

Q) Since you started, what moment – so far - has been your highlight?

I did TCAF (the Toronto Comic Arts Festival) earlier this year and I met a shy little girl called Rosie. She'd been reading The Rabbit at my table and her Mum said she would buy it for her. I offered to sign it for her so I dedicated the copy to Rosie and drew her a picture of Craig (the rabbit in the story). Rosie hadn't seen me do this, and when I handed her the book she ran over to her where her Mum was chatting to her friend. I saw Rosie open the book and she gasped when she saw the drawing. She then closed it really carefully and hugged the book to her chest, looking like it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. It doesn't sound like much, but that little moment reminded me why I do this, and who I do it for. 

Q) If you could pick one line that inspires you from a comic or nerd culture as your life motto, which would you choose?

"Let's be friends based on mutual hate."

Thank You Rachael.

Be sure to stop by Rachael's table at #TBCF2017 and say "Hello" and check out the links below for more of Rachael online.

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