5 Question Interview: Guest Edition #23

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With True Believers 2018 just over a month away, we put 5 Questions to David Leach...

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What will people find at your table at True Believers 2018?

cheery, happy, bespectacled middle-aged man with a receding hairline, a reducing waistline and a willingness to sell his wares, which for True Believers will consist of comics and a new graphic novel! 

First up is issue #1 of my comic art book: PSYCHO GRAN VS... This 36-page art book features Psycho Gran beating up a variety of superheroes and movie characters, from Superman, Batman and Iron Man to an Alien, a Dalek, and even Dracula himself! The comic comes with a guest art section featuring art drawn by the likes of Mike Perkins, Davey Jones, Lew Stringer, Rian Hughes and Mike Collins. Also available will be a selection ofPSYCHO GRAN art prints.

Next up I'll also be selling the first two issues of my autobiographical comic: DAVID LEACH CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE (the all-true story of my life told in comic book form. Issue #1 features the story of how I fought a giant fire-breathing lizard called The Big G in London and the second issue recounts the time I went up to the International Space Station, fought a genetically created monster and meet my future wife. That comic's published by ALL TRUE COMICS whose motto is 'We Never Lie.' So that's a guarantee that everything that happens in the comic is true!

And finally, I'll be selling a brand new book: THE DINNER LADIES FROM HELL! This full-colour 64pp graphic novel will collect, for the first time ever, the entire story first published in Pat Mill's 1990 cult British comic, TOXIC! The comic tells the story of The four Wives of the Riders of the Apocalypse who have six days, six hours and six minutes to corrupt seven children with the seven deadly sins and only one man and God's cook book stand in their way! That book also features a never-before-published story called DOCTOR TICKLE and a foreword written by the legendary Dan Abnett, the strip's first editor.

What do you love about creating comics?

That first spark of a new idea, when the whole story floods into your consciousness and you start to unravel it, to see its structure, then taking that idea and shaping it, sketching out its rhythm and the pacing. After that, it’s the long, lonely hours, the stillness of the middle of the night, the joys of the World Service keeping you company till the dawn comes, the buzz of exhaustion when you’ve only had three hours sleep and have to do a full day’s work tomorrow! Then the torture and tedium of the colouring – what takes you a day to draw will enviably take you twice as long to colour and letter. All the time, this whole process is accompanied by the sensation that no one will like what you do and that you’re rubbish. And then finally, to see all that effort finished and published either digitally or in print. In a nutshell, the thing I love most about creating comics, is the sheer creative process from beginning to end.

What part of creating comics do you find the most challenging?

The blank sheet of paper. Making my first mark on it. Starting to draw. I never have problems coming up with ideas.

What do you love about being at a comic con (from either side of a table)?

I actually love selling comics to the punters, engaging with them, showing them my wares, giving them the whole sales patter (I have a routine), making them laugh and the act of actually physically selling my comics, it gives me a great sense of pride. I also enjoy meeting other creators and talking about comics in general with the only other people who ‘Know’.


What comic - other than your own - would you recommend people read?

Read comics? Are you mad? What a terrible waste of time that would be! Don’t you realise how much good stuff there’s out there on Netflix and Amazon?! 

Actually, I couldn’t possibly name just one comic. This is my current comic reading list. Velvet vol. 3, Invincible Vol. 24, The World of Edena, Valerian & Laureline Vol. 19: At the Edge of The Great Void, 1971 Wham! annual and a lovely Charles Addams collection, which I bought in the best book shop on the planet in Penn Village called The Cottage Bookshop. 

And since I technically didn’t write this I feel confident in recommending The first volume of Fighting American on sale in April from Titan Comics. It’s a book I edited, it’s written by Gordon Rennie and drawn by Duke Mighten and PC De La Fluente. It’s the continuing adventures of characters created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and it’s a blast!

You can find David online at the Psycho Gran Facebook Page and stop by his table at True Believers 2018 and say "Hello". 

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