5 Question Interview: Guest Edition #18

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With True Believers 2018 fast approaching, we put 5 Questions to #TBCF2018 Guests Mike Collins...

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What will people find at your table at True Believers 2018?

I've recently invested in producing a series of A4 prints, representing key characters from my career. Might have some short print run storyboard books if I can sort them out.

What do you love about creating comics?

Telling stories in pictures. It's a unique medium to work in.

What part of creating comics do you find the most challenging?

Not getting lost in research. All the damn time.

What do you love about being at a comic con?

People. Meeting folks who get a buzz out of the work we produce. Typically we work in a vacuum, so meeting readers makes my day.

What comic - other than your own - would you recommend people read?

moon knight.jpg

Moon Knight has been exceptional, and anything drawn by Chris Samnee goes to the top of my pull list.

You can find Mike online at his website and stop by his table at True Believers 2018 and say "Hello". 

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