5 Question Interview: Guest Edition #20

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With True Believers 2018 fast approaching, we put 5 Questions to #TBCF2018 Guest Christian Wildgoose...


What will people find at your table at True Believers 2018?

I'll be there selling copies of pretty much every book that I have my name to! 

2018 is turning out to be a sort of signing tour of the release of my latest book Porcelain : Ivory Tower, so I'll be handing out that to whoever breathes and has eyes! I'm hoping to have some new prints ready by True Believers too! 

Also I tend to do a personalised sketch inside all of my Improper Books if people would like them and sometimes even if they don't! Also I'll be flying the Batgirl flag high and proud so expect me to have some Batgirl issues on sale and if I have time I'll take on the odd commission! 

What do you love about creating comics?

I find it hard to pick just one side that I really like so I might have to claim a few! I love the design and concept stage so much, I love the storytelling and the problem solving and I really love the collaboration you have with the whole team when working on a book. You work together pretty intensely then you have this hard won evidence to show for it at the end. That's sort of cheating I guess as all of that basically IS making comics but those moments of design and problem solving that is just for the story, they really get my creative juices going.  

What part of creating comics do you find the most challenging?

I tend to put a lot of time and brain power into my layouts. That's where, for me, It gets a lot of energy and effort put into it. In some ways it can help make things smoother later when working on actual pages, I usually set my perspective points there and the general flow of the page gets worked out, I usually follow it quite closely on the full size page.

Though there are somethings that every artists struggles with in drawing, for some it's horses but for me its bikes! Please don't write bikes into my books! I wont be happy. Also spiral staircases. I've been dealt far too many of them and they make me nearly cry every time. 

What do you love about being at a comic con?

From the artist's side of the table I love meeting the readers, old and new. Also chatting with people who have read my work and really get it, or notice the little easter eggs I tend to throw into the background, things like that. Also to meet fellow artists and writers, seeing how they are getting on and reassuring each other things will be ok!

From the other side of the table I love finding some new books that you may never see if you just go into a shop. And the chance to get a little insight behind the book from the creator.

The atmosphere of comic cons and especially British cons are always so supportive and pleasant to be at, its always a pleasure to be at comic con on either side of the table. It's usually a good mix of downright good people.

What comic - other than your own - would you recommend people read?


I'd recommend anyone pick up Geis & Geis 2 by Alexis Deacon from NoBrow. A book I dearly wish I could have drawn myself. Everything about that book is just a treat for the eyes. It's a sort of long form fairy tail that hits all the typical fantasy fans buttons and still gives something fresh. Treat yourself and get on it if you haven't yet.

Also my good friend Tony Esmond will attending True Believers this year and I believe he is launching the Awesome Comics Podcast Anthology which he has his own story featured in. I'll be getting a copy myself so I'd highly recommend that. 

You can find Christian online at his website and stop by his table at True Believers 2018 and say "Hello". 

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