We're delighted that True Believers 2018 will again see a great selection of tables featuring a great selection of Artists, showcasing and selling their work.  Below you will find a full list of the Artist Tables that will be joining us for our 4th event...

More information will be added over the coming months so please keep checking back and if you haven't bought your tickets yet, please head to our Ticket Page now to buy yours.


I'm a sleepy freelance animator and illustrator based in the UK.  I specialise in character design, animation, storyboarding, illustration and motion graphics.



I'm an artist based in Leeds, my art style is anime inspired, specializing in character design and character concepts. I love to draw Monster Girls, Sharks, and curvy pin ups.

I will be selling Art prints, photo prints, pin badges, sketchbook, stickers, printed mugs and framed original pieces.



I am the artist on the original graphic novel Abominable Glory (of which I have copies to sell) and also write and draw my own webcomic on Tumblr entitled U'Grot. I also have a range of original artwork, prints, badges and stickers. For 2018 I will have a print copy of U'Grot to sell, as well as an art book featuring a selection of original pieces.



Chris Baker is a 21 year old self taught graphite from Cardiff living with Asperger Syndrome.



Hi! I'm Em and I am a digital artist and studying Illustrator. I will be selling prints, badges, other bits and pieces related to my art, and likely commissions on the day, so feel free to come say hello!




I am a south wales based artist and musician, my table will consist of artwork from the realm of the flying bear and the heaviest of welsh thrash metal cd's in the form of Argonaut.


Digital artist and illustrator in progress - and resident True Believers graphic designer and artist - Andy Hanks (aka I Am Zoot) will be at True Believers (or at least his stand in will, whilst Andy is busy Agenting on the day), with a selection of prints, canvases and more.



Even before I can remember, I loved to draw. I was a bit of a lonely child at first but as long as I had a stack of paper and a pencil i could create whole universes, helping me now as an illustrator fabricating ideas or twisting the normal into something marvelous.

For longest of times art became second to everything else because where I lived it was all sports and TV. But it never went away and I found it again aged 24 and started my education in art.

Now years later here I am... 


Laura Artiss.jpg


Laura Artiss and Paul Walshaw are two aspiring comic artists based in the UK and have been producing artwork at conventions for approximately three years. Laura’s work is influenced by her interest in cartoons and indie comics, while Paul takes a manga approach to his art; resulting in a variety of produced work. The two aim to have their work published in the future. 



I'm an illustrator living in Cheltenham who has been exhibiting for the last couple of years now but I'm still learning the ropes! I prefer high contrast black/white inked artwork but also colour digitally. I specialise in fantasy/macabre/character work with quite a modern comic style.  




We have hand drawn artwork and prints.


I'm a digital illustrator focused mainly within the furry fandom, but I enjoy creating a wide variety of craft; from cross stitch charms, to plush art dolls, to acrylic charms made from my own artwork, to art prints and original art pieces.

I'm constantly expanding what I can offer as an artist, artisan and entrepreneur.



THE ART OF TOM MALIN - i am tom malin and have  been drawing all of my life and have always loved comics, cartoons, toys etc, when I left school with not many GCSE only an A* in art and a b in science, with sever dyslexia i found education difficult but I decided to go to college to lean art and design, whilst there I soon discovered i was pretty good at comic book art, design and animation so I ended up doing my BA hons degree and then a masters in animation at Gloucestershire university, however due to jumping through hoops to pass modules my passion for art was lost slightly, until about two years ago when I was talking with my Gym partner and close friend Sid about my art and he suggested I pick my pencil again and do some 30day challenges, this pushed me to draw what I loved again and not have to write an essay about why, my friend sid along with my partner charlotte have helped me gain my passion back. Since getting back on the band wagon i have done lot of commission from marvel to Dc ect and from theses I have gone on to crated prints of my work that I have then sold on at the conventions, these have been very well received and people seem to like my work so hopefully maybe I will get a comic book gig soon enough, my dream would be to do a transformers cover page then I can die happy. 


BLUE FAYT - Blue Fayt is an independent anime artist, who loved to draw monster girls, dinosaurs and Jojos. Blue sells a mixture of fanart and original characters in the form of Prints, Badges, Stickers, digital print sketchbooks and mugs (along side other stuff, like on the day commissions!). Please look for Blue and her work up on the balconies at the event! 


BON BON NUIT - My name is Molly, AKA Bonbon. I am an independent artist doing what I love and selling what I make! This includes prints, stickers, postcards and original work. Digital art is my bread and butter, so please stop by and hang out at my stall if you also love art!


ELLENSTRATION - Hey I’m Ellen, I love to oil paint.  I paint mostly fantasy/Pop Surrealism style inspired by fairytales, mythology and magic.  I sometimes sell my originals along with prints, postcards and other goodies.


EMMA LAMB, LUKE .T. BOURNE, MARK PINGRIFF - Emma Lamb: I'm an Artist / Illustrator from Worcester. Most of my art is inspired by nature and features lots of animals. I'll be selling prints of my work as well as other little hand made bits of ephemera that I enjoy making. 

Luke .T. Bourne: Artist and animator, I will be promoting my website with prints, stickers and pins all related to my animations, as well as showing the animations themselves on screen. 

Mark Pingriff: Artist / Illustrator. I will be selling prints of my artwork as well as original pieces. 

EXPLOSIVE BARREL - I'm a local artist who's combination of illustration and pixel art celebrates all areas of nerd culture.

LADY GABE - I'm Hannah, aka Lady Gabe, and I'll be selling my Whimsical Art and Geekery! I'll have prints, greetings cards, original art, coasters, badges plus much more this year! 


LRNPAGE - I'm a freelance illustrator and comic writer. I will be selling art prints, keychains and badges as well as promoting an upcoming comic.


MAD HATTER - My name is Damion I sell personalised artwork in a cafe in Coleford people have said that I should sell my artwork around and in Gloucester and Comic-Con this will be my first attempt at True Believers 2018

MARK BIGLIN - I sell original Artwork in both traditional and digital mediums. Specialise in Sci Fi blueprints. Also stock and sell licenced movie prints focusing on foreign and unusual variations and anime. I take commissions for portraits and Sci Fi blueprints and childrens bedroom designs ( star wars / marvel disney princess etc ) and wall murals.


MATILDA DAWES - I am an illustrator with a range of different subjects, and a sketchy naturalistic sort of style. I will be selling prints of my work, postcards, stickers and badges, as well as accepting commissions. Last year was my first ever convention as an exhibitor and I am super excited for True Believers 2018!


TOM GRAHAM ILLUSTRATION - I am an illustrator based in good old Cheltenham! Since graduating from university, I have been busy travelling across the country selling my work at various conventions and events. As a lover of doodling and making crafts, I will be selling lots of illustrated goodies, including brooches, necklaces, badges, art prints & magnets. As a Cheltonian, I can't wait to be back at True Believers for my fourth year in a row.


TWISTED ART - Twisted Art will e selling custom canvases, prints, magnets and more of their own original art and fan favourites. We'll also be selling our own comics and doing the increasingly popular Cartoon You sketches on the day.