Photo by DCphoto

Photo by DCphoto

Due to this event being smaller than the February True Believers, we are asking for people interested in tables to please email us at with a brief description of what you do/will be selling on the day and links to any relevant pages or sites. 

Because we are a comic focused event, we will be putting our main focus on Small Press and Back Issue comics tables, but we will have a small number of tables available for artists and collectibles/toy sellers. 

Tables for this event are £35 each (plus a £2.50 booking fee) and are limited to just 1 per booking (allowing us to offer a wider selection of tables on the day).  Each table will be roughly 6ft (w) x 2.5ft (d) x 3ft (h), but some tables may vary slightly to others. 

A NOTE ON FAN ART:  We love fan art. We love seeing how the characters that we all love inspire you to create your own art. That is what fan art is and we celebrate that. However, what we don't love is people who take images that don't belong to them and pass it off as their own. With that in mind, we request that anyone selling prints, canvases or splash art, has created the piece themselves (or has the licence from the artist that did), including the base image that you may have used. If you are found to be selling work that you haven't created or do not have permission to use, you will be asked to either remove the items from your table or pack up and leave the event. You will not be refunded for your table(s).  If you have any questions about the art you will be selling on the day, please email us as soon as possible.


- We will try to place Table Holders who wish to be situated next to each other together where possible. In the event that this is not possible, we will try to get you as close together as possible.

- Table Holders are required to arrive at the set up time between 9:30am & 10:30am, ready to trade when the event opens at 11am.

- Tables are only refundable if the event is cancelled by the organisers.  Please ensure that you are definitely able to attend on the event date and that you are able to get there before purchasing your table(s).

- Tables are not transferable without the permission of the event organisers.

- Table Holders may share tables if they wish to, but are limited to two exhibitors per table (please include information for both exhibitors on the booking form).

- Sellers are not permitted to sell items that cannot legally be sold within the United Kingdom.

- Please ensure that your table is manned at all times during the event.  Table Holders are free to walk around the floor and enjoy the event, but we ask that your table not be left unattended.

- Please ensure that you request the correct amount of passes when you place your booking.  You will be allocated the amount you request when booking (regardless of how many passes your table comes with) so please ensure you book the required amount.

- True Believers are not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to your items or property.

- Table Holders are required to keep their tables open until the event ends at 4pm. All tables must be cleared and out of the venue by no later than 5pm.

- By booking a table, you acknowledge that you may be photographed during the course of the event and that those photos may be used online.

- By purchasing your table, you agree to the above listed terms of booking.

Please note, additional reasonable terms may be added.