It is our goal with Celebrate Cosplay to both celebrate and encourage the art of cosplaying as well as promoting safe cosplay. We encourage those who want to come in cosplay to do so and to join our event and maybe even the Cosplay Catwalk. We also want those who are interested in seeing the cosplayers rather than dressing up to enjoy the event as well so here are a few guidelines to help make sure everybody has an awesome day.

1) DON'T BE WEIRD - If you like somebodies cosplay and want to take a picture, ask them. Please don't try and take sneaky snapshots. A posed photo is infinitely better than a fuzzy shot grabbed in a hurry.

2) COSPLAY ISN'T CONSENT - A persons costume isn't a greenlight to start touching them or making inappropriate comments under any circumstances.

3) LETHAL WEAPONS - A lot of cosplay costumes come with weapons and accessories and while we want your cosplays to be as accurate as you want them to be, any weapon that is deemed to be either too realistic or dangerous will be confiscated on the door and returned when you leave the event. If you are unsure about your accessory of choice, please email us in advance and we will offer guidance as best as we can.

4) DON'T CAUSE AN OBSTRUCTION - We ask that cosplayers be considerate of others and not block tables (unless the people behind the table have asked you to pose for a photo in front of their table) or aisles on the convention floor to pose for photos etc.  If you are asked (or are asking someone) to pose for a photo, please have it taken away from the tables.

5) BE MINDFUL OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS - Please be aware of your surroundings when in your costume.  If your costume has extra accessories that might cause an obstruction or limit your vision, please take care to not cause any damage to the tables or people around you. 

Also, please be aware that we are a family event that has young children in attendance.  We would like them to have a good experience at the event as well so ask that you behave respectfully around them and don't cause them any upset.

6) HAVE FUN - True Believers Comic Festival and Celebrate Cosplay is all about the joy of loving comics and expressing that love, so have fun!


GUNS - Only toy guns with the orange caps (that came with the toy when purchased) will be allowed into the event. If the prop gun is one solid piece and the trigger does not move, an orange cap may not be required (depending on how realistic the gun looks).

BLADES - Prop blades will be allowed after they have been inspected to ensure they are not capable of breaking skin or causing harm.

BATS/HAMMERS - Only lightweight props (foam etc) will be allowed into the event.

Put simply; if it looks like something that would get you arrested or accidentally shot by armed police, it’s best to leave it at home.

We may ask to inspect any prop weapons when you arrive or during the event. Any weapons that do not meet these standards will be stored at reception until you leave the event.

If you have any questions about your cosplay weapons or props, please email us at oktruebelievers@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP.