The 5 Question Interview #36 with Marcus Wood

We put 5 Questions to Ninth Circle's Marcus Wood...

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Marcus and as Ninth Circle I sell and talk about comics, graphic novels and a host of other pop-culture stuff. 
What can people expect to find at your table at True Believers?

At True Believers people can expect to find a range of graphic novels with a mix of the classics, newer releases and some hidden gems.
What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Getting to attend conventions, talk about comics and calling it "work"!

What was the first comic you collected?

The first comic I actively collected and sought out was the original Crisis On Infinite Earths series because I thought it would be cool to have the originals from a series I kept hearing about constantly because of it's impact. And years later I still don't have them all! 
If you had to recommend one comic (or story arc) to people, which would it be?

If I had to recommend one arc it would be Dark Knight Returns. Cliche I know but it's widely considered the best comic story for a reason. The way it builds is almost operatic taking Batman on a journey hitting a man vs god finale which is just incredible.

Thanks Marcus.

Be sure to check out the Ninth Circle website and stop by Marcus' table at #TBCF2016 and say "Hello".