The 5 Question Interview #1: Rees Finlay of Damn Dirty Comics

Welcome to the first 5 QUESTION INTERVIEW. This is a semi-regular feature on the blog, in which we put 5 questions to some of the fantastic folks who have booked their tables at #TBCF2016 so that you can get to know them a little better ahead of meeting them in person at True Believers Comic Festival 2016 at Cheltenham Racecourse on Saturday 6th February 2016.




We put five questions to Damn Dirty Comics' Rees Finlay...

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Rees Finlay, and I am a writer and artist for Damn Dirty Comics. We specialise in self published comics and give young talent a chance to break into the indie comics scene.

What can people expect to find at your table at True Believers?

High Priestess issue 1

Well we've got all sorts of great things lined up for our first ever visit to True Believers. We'll have special offers on all our books, as well as free webcomics, free artcards, exclusive give-aways of original art, posters, t-shirts and the chance to be in our next book. And we will also have the art prints of the amazingly talented Emiliano Correa for sale, so dont miss it. (I'm pretty sure you can pre-book your tickets now to avoid missing out) 

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Definitely meeting new people. I quit my 9 to 5 job to pursue a career in comics. and I've always said if I could reach out and have just one person read and enjoy, relate-to and like one of my books I'd be happy. And as I write this, my first book has completely sold out and my next one is about to go to print, but its the folks who'll inbox me to say how much they enjoyed my work that makes it all worthwhile. 

Spider-Man Adventures #3

What was the first comic you collected?

Ah! now this question has been haunting me for a while now, maybe one of you can help me? 

I remember buying my first comic at my local comic store just after the release of the first Spider-Man movie. It must've been an old one as it was in the back issue box. I remember it was a Spider-Man comic, with him on the cover fighting the Spider-Slayers, but for the life of me I cannot seem to find it again. I would love to track it down at reclaim that slice of my childhood. 

If you had to recommend one comic (or story arc) to people, which would it be?


Haha, I jest of course.

Damnation: Ultimate Edition

But the independent scene is definitely where the most interesting things are happening these days.  Orful Comics are a joy to read, Stu Perrins' 'Prime' series is a great take on the superhero genre, Brent Harshmans' 'Weaselmeizters' series is straight-up fun and I'm really excited to give 'Bretheren Born' a read. But other than that I'd recommend anything by Alan Moore and I'm a huge Hellblazer fan (and it's fair to say that shows in my work)

Thank you for the interview and I look forward to seeing you all at True Believers, Rees out! *drops mic*

Thanks Rees

Be sure to check out Rees' work at the Damn Dirty Comics website and stop by his table at True Believers 2016 and say hello.