The 5 Question Interview #14 with Ian Naylor

We put 5 questions to Mini Verses' Ian Naylor. He gave us some answers...

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I'm Ian, I made my own mini figure cuff links and every one loved them and that's how Mini Verses was born, I made more cuff links and expanding into framed mini figures and I'm always looking to expand into other mini figure related items.


What can people expect to find at your table at True Believers?

We have a selection of all your favourite super hero framed mini figures, plus cuff links and other mini figure items.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

I love everything to do with super heroes plus it keeps me occupied.

What was the first comic you collected?

What if... Vol 2, issue 64. What If... Iron Man Sold Out  is still one of my favourite comics.

I had to buy it again when I was older as I was about 12 and didn't respect comics back then 

If you had to recommend one comic (or story arc) to people, which would it be?

Tough question...

I'm gonna go for Death of/world with out and the return of superman I've read this story more than any other story.


Thanks Ian.

Be sure to check out Mini Verses' Facebook page and be sure to stop by his table at True Believers 2016 and say hello!