Writers Wanted

Here on The Nerds Who Haunted Themselves, I've posted news updates about True Believers 2016, interviews with Guests and Exhibitors (and some others) and some promotional stuff about some other community events. I've also posted some of my old articles that I wrote for Starburst Magazine and a couple of  new articles I wrote especially for the site.

Time and other commitments has meant that I've not been able to post as much stuff as I would like and it's one of the reasons that I'm now looking for your help. I'm looking for people who are passionate about nerdy things, who would like to share that passion by writing about those things for this blog.

Whilst True Believers is primarily an event about Comic Books, the Nerds blog is about celebrating all things nerdy, from comics, TV, film, games and more and we're looking for people to write about those things and share their love of it. It can be an article about your love of Quantum Leap or a new comic that you have discovered that you're excited about sharing or even a beginners guide to Table Top Gaming. If it's something that is in keeping with the themes of what we do and that is - most importantly - something you are passionate about, we'd like you to write about it for this page.

Whilst it is pretty much anything goes, there are a few guidelines we would like you to follow before submitting an article;

  1. Please don't write an article that is self promoting. If you have something that you would like promoted, please submit it to us as a press release and we will get somebody else to write an article based on that.
  2. If you are writing about a friend's comic or created property, please declare the fact at the top of the article.
  3. Please be positive. Primarily we are about celebrating the thing we love and would like that to come across in the articles we write. We don't want articles like "Why DC sucks and Marvel rules!" That's not to say you can't use counter points in your articles (eg "this is something that Manhunter succeeded at where Red Dragon failed to deliver"), but please remember that there are always people out there that love the thing you don't and we don't want them to feel like we took a dump on the thing they love.
  4. We generally want to keep our articles as something that is accessible and readable by people of all ages, so please keep it clean as much as possible.

If you'd be interested in writing pieces for the blog, please drop us an email at oktruebelievers@gmail.com using the subject heading 'Nerd Writer'.