The 5 Question Interview #45 with Hand. Drawn. Fyre

We put 5 Questions to Jake, Gabbie and Jaime from Hand. Drawn. Fyre...

Who are you and what do you do?

JH - Hi I am Jake Heddershaw, and I am currently a third year Graphic Design student, I have a heavy interest however in illustration and chiefly concept art, which I plan to move into as a career in my future. 

GS - I'm Gabbie aka handscribbles I'm an illustrator and fledgling comic book artist! I work mainly traditionally with ink and enjoy expressing narrative with characters expression and paneling. 

JS - My full name is Jaime Louise Staite, but online I am known as Fyreflysky.  I draw mostly fantasy and animal orientated stuff, including characters from original series that I like.  My art is mostly watercolour or digital.  I am best at character design and creating interesting situations for my characters to be in.   I also love to do fanart, such as changing mainstream human characters into animals and dragons.

Painted Leif (Jake Heddershaw).jpeg

What can people expect to find at your table at True Believers?

JH -Mostly prints, including some fan art, alongside some type work and my own concept art that I am currently working on.

GS - Short handmade comic books, original prints and some fan art prints too and of course a friendly face to chat with!

JS - You can expect to find bookmarks, prints and cards, and maybe small booklets.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

JH - I love breathing life into characters and locations, bringing something from my mind into the world to share with others, hopefully something they enjoy too.

GS - I guess never being bored, having a lot of stories and ideas for pieces in your head at the same time can get overwhelming but it's a great to take time and watch each one take shape and get wrapped up in the process of creating 

JS - Designing characters, worlds and situations.   I love story oriented art with lots of colour and fresh designs.

What was the first comic you collected?

JH - The first comic I collected was probably the Mouseguard series by David Petersen, the first comic book I bought  was probably NYX, an X-23 graphic novel.

GS - The first comic I collected was Deadly Class volume 1 which was embarrassingly not that long ago! It was quite a turning point for me because I had been more into manga the years before that and didn't know the comic medium was more fitting with the work I wanted to produce. 

JS - The first ever comic I bought was a manga called ‘Blue exorcist’ by Kazue Kato.  The first western series I collected was the ‘Mouse guard’ series by David Peterson.  

If you had to recommend one comic (or story arc) to people, which would it be?:

JH - Definitely Mouseguard, absolutely fantastic art and story, with delightful characters and a wonderful immersion into a world where everything is bigger than you.

GS - WicDiv no doubt about it. Fantastic idea and just such an immersive story! It's my dream to create something that original and game-changing... or just anything that people like half that much!

JS - ‘Mouse guard’ for its intriguing plotline and characters.  It is easy to read and get into, and the mythos surrounding the mouse territories will captivate readers both young and old.   If you like anthropomorphic mice carrying around swords and daggers, wearing cloaks and going on adventures through a dangerous world, then this is a brilliant series for you.

Thanks folks.

Be sure to stop by the Hand. Drawn. Fyre table at #TBCF2016 and say "Hello"