The League: Fantasy Casting League #1...

One of the fun things about being a nerd is playing a game of Fantasy Casting. Way back in the day, Wizard Magazine used to devote a few pages of it's issues to the game.  It was something that I enjoyed discussing with my fellow nerds (sometimes leading to heated - but good natured - arguments as we defended and argued each others choices like Hollywood executives with an unlimited budget).

Recently the game reappeared in my life when my fellow writer Susan Omand posted an article on Garbage-File, picking her preferred cast for a Star Trek: The Next Generation reboot.  While I liked her choices, I didn't agree with them, so decided to come up with my own, which sparked a fun conversation.

So with that in mind, and using the classic rules (person cast must be alive and can't have played the part before) I decided to try bringing that great piece from Wizard and a million nerdy conversations to this site and I figured a good place to start would be with the show that reignited the idea... 


Chosen by Stuart Mulrain

One day, the JJ Abrams Kelvin Timeline may reach the hallowed ground of The Next Gen (or maybe they'll go off and explore one of the crews from inbetween - which would be cool) and they're going to need a cast for that, which is where we step in...

Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Jason Isaacs

Commander William Riker - Armie Hammer

Lt. Commander Data - Danny Pudi

Counsellor Deanna Troi - Nathalie Emmanuel

Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge - Sharif Atkins

Lieutenant Worf - Omar Sy

Dr. Beverly Crusher - Alicia Witt

Wesley Crusher - David Mazouz

Chief Miles O'Brien - Domhnall Gleeson

Tasha Yar - Ronda Rousey

Guinan - Viola Davis

Q - Matt Smith

So there's my picks.  Now it's over to you.  Do you agree with any of the choices or do you disagree with them all?  Let us know in the comments below (please remember this is a family site so please keep it clean and keep it friendly. It's just a bit of fun)...

And Hello To Jason Isaacs!

NEXT TIME: Stuart casts his Superman TV Series!