The League: Fantasy Casting League #2

SUPERMAN (The TV Series)

This time on The League, Stuart turns his attention to a personal favourite and casts his Superman TV Series. Now it's probably worth pointing out that DC/Warners haven't lost leave of their senses and given him the keys to the Superman TV universe, but if they had, these would be the casting choices he would make.  

The series itself would use the John Byrne, post Crisis era of Superman comics as it's inspiration and central characters and would feature more of a history between Perry White and Lex Luthor and larger roles for The Kents, Professor Hamilton and Lana Lang.

Reminder of the rules; Actors cast must be alive and can't have played the part before.

Clark Kent/Superman - Matt Lanter

Lois Lane - Rosario Dawson

Lex Luthor - Idris Elba

Perry White - Bruce Greenwood

Jimmy Olsen - Liam James

Professor Hamilton - Enrico Colantoni

Jonathan Kent - Kyle Chandler

Martha Kent - Connie Britton

Lana Lang - Jane Levy

John Corben/Metallo - Dan Stevens

So there's Stuart's choices.  Which do you agree with and which would you change?  Let us know in the comments below. (please remember this is a family site so please keep it clean and keep it friendly. It's just a bit of fun)...

NEXT TIME: Stuart casts a new Dick Tracy film.