Kev Hopgood at #TBCF2018

We're delighted to welcome the fantastic Kev Hopgood as our guest at True Believers Comic Festival 2018.

Kev's comic book career began in the 1980's working on Tharg's Future ShockJudge Dredd and Night Zero (which he co-created) for 2000AD, Spider-Man & Zoids and Action Force for Marvel UK.  In the early 1990's he became the main artist on Marvel Comics Iron Man, where he co-created the character of War Machine.  

Away from 2000AD and Marvel, Kev has worked on Darkblade (for Warhammer Monthly), Warhammer 40,000 (for Boom Studios), Doctor Who (for Doctor Who Magazine and IDW) and Legion Zero (for Aces Weekly).

You can find more of Kev online at his website.

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