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2019 will see True Believers in exile as we relocate to a new venue for the event. 

Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, we are unable to return to Cheltenham Racecourse for TBCF2019, leaving us to relocate venues for next year’s event.

The news that we would be unable to return to the Racecourse left us with a difficult decision to make with regard to moving forward with the event.  We knew didn’t want to move dates to another time of year as we are very fond of the place we have and like that people know when True Believers will be happening and look forward to it each year.  We also knew that we didn’t want to take a year off (as tempting as that is sometimes) for the same reason and so we began searching for a new venue that we can call home for 2019.

After some searching, we’ve found a new venue in Cheltenham that we’re happy with and will be announcing it once we have crossed all the t’s and dotted all the lowercase j’s.  The change in venue will mean that the event will unfortunately be smaller than previous years, but it’s one that we’re very happy meets our criteria for a TBCF venue and in which feel we can deliver the usual standard of True Believers event that you’ve come to expect from us, albeit with a few alterations to the scale of the event.

We will be making announcements with regard to table bookings once we have confirmed our booking with the new venue and have worked out our new floor plan.