Summer Variant Cosplay Workshops

We'll be hosting not one, but two Celebrate Cosplay Workshops at the the TBCF: Summer Event!

First up is Heroes vs Villains

This workshop will take a look at the difference between how you approach cosplaying as a character who is good or one who is bad (or one who is a little of both). Join our Celebrate Cosplay team as they talk about the mindset of approaching these characters and offer some posing suggestions that best fit the side you’re on!

And second up is I Love Cosplay Because...

The Celebrate Cosplay team take a look at how cosplay can inspire, challenge and get your creative minds buzzing in a workshop that invites cosplayers new and old to get involved and share their wisdom and passion for cosplaying in a fun for all workshop all about loving cosplay!

These workshops are open to all.

If you haven't bought your tickets to the event yet, head to our Ticket Page now.