Tales From Beyond Infinity #2

Who doesn't love a team up or a crossover?  How exciting must it have been to see Batman and Superman team up for the first time?  Or to see Superman finally meet Spider-Man?  Or those couple of panels in Thor #341 where the God Of Thunder knocks Clark Kent over?  Or that time Boy George teamed up with The A-Team?  Whether it's a full blown team up or a brief crossing of the paths of some characters we love, for most fans, there's nothing more exciting or bigger than great team up!  The MCU gets it, building their whole release plan around bringing their characters together.

But - as cool as all that stuff is - you're wondering what this has to do with the second issue of our little charity comic?  Well the theme for Tales #2 is Team Up/Crossover (bet you didn't see that coming) and we're looking for creators to be a part of the anthology.  We'd previously announced the project on the Awesome Comics Talk group and were lucky enough to have a few creators jump on board from that announcement, who we'll hopefully be announcing at the Summer Variant Event this August.

For this issue we're looking for short comic stories (1-4 pages) that sees characters teaming up.  It could be two characters from different creators coming together (not sure that will actually happen, but it would be amazing if it did), or a creator bringing two of their characters together for a story or some new characters coming together for a brand new story.  They could be teaming up to fight a major threat, helping each other to change a tyre or just getting together to grab a coffee.  

As with the first issue, it will be sold in aid of the Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice and will launch at our February event.  This time though, we're planning to take it to KickStarter ahead of the physical launch, in the hope that it will make more of an event of pre-ordering it and allow the issue to reach a wider audience.  At the moment, we're falling back on the "more details will be released in the coming months stance", but we wanted to officially announce that the comic is officially in the works and give you an - admittedly vague - idea of what you can expect from it.

In the meantime, if you're interested in getting involved in the project, either creating a story for the issue or creating a pin up for the KickStarter, we'd love to hear from you so please drop us an email at oktruebelievers@gmail.com.  If you're just excited to find out more info about the comic, you'll find it posted here and in all the usual places as we have it.

This piece was originally published in the Troobs Mailer 07/05/2018