Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts - An Interview With Collette J. Ellis

With the launch of True Believers regular Collette J. Ellis' first KickStarter on Friday, we tracked her down and asked some questions about the campaign...

First off, congratulations on hitting your funding goal in the first two days, that must feel pretty good?

I’m still shocked and wasn’t expecting to fund the project the day it was launched! It’s really exciting that this project is already a reality!

What is An Illustrated Guide to Welsh Monsters and Mythical Beasts?

The book is a 50 page illustrated guide to the creatures and mythical beasts believed to inhabit the lands of Wales. It contains creature profiles and legends each with an accompanying illustration.

There’s also a limited edition deluxe version of the book, which will only be available during the Kickstarter.

What inspired you to create the book?

I’ve always had a passion for mythology and monsters. Wales is my home country and holds a special place in my heart; I grew up surrounded by dramatic landscapes, legends of King Arthur, dragons and folk tales.

After myself and my partner visited Iceland we noticed just how enthusiastic the people were about their mythology, Wales has such a rich array of mythical creatures and I felt there was a need to bring them back to the fore-front of our culture and introduce them to everyone!

Of all of the creatures featured in the book, do you have a favourite and which was the most fun to draw?

‘The Red Dragon’ has to be one of my favourite illustrations in the book; the concept was suggested by a friend I work with. She explained how the Welsh dragon should be a part of the landscape, I fell in love with the concept and started researching camouflaging lizards and gathered reference photos from my rambling trips into Snowdonia.

This is your first KickStarter, what made you choose to go down the crowd funding route?

I'm new to the world of publishing and this will be my first ever illustrated book. After witnessing many successful campaigns on KickStarter, I felt it was the best place to raise publicity for my project. It also grants backers the opportunity to grab originals and commission slots which are normally fully booked.

Now that you've hit your funding, will you be looking into stretch goal rewards and what, if any can people look forward to seeing on the project?

The first stretch goal is £5,000, which will add an additional desktop wallpaper to everyone who has pledged over £10. There are a couple more goals which will include bookmarks and additional mini prints.

Thanks Collette.  

You can find out more and pre-order Welsh Monsters and Mythical Beasts on the KickStarter Campaign Page and you can find more about Collette on her Website.

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