Staz Johnson at #TBCF2018

Staz_Johnson 2.jpg

Were delighted to welcome the incredible Staz Johnson as our guest at True Believers Comic Festival 2018. 

Staz's comic career began at Marvel UK where he worked on Transformers, Action Force and Death Wreck, before moving to Marvel US titles including Thor, Force Works and Spider-man: Funeral For An Octopus.  Between 1996 and 2003 Staz moved to DC Comics where he worked on Detective Comics, Robin, Catwoman, Superboy and the DC/Dark Horse crossover miniseries Batman/Aliens II.

After his time at DC, Staz headed back to Marvel where he worked on Wolverine, Cable & Deadpool, Spider-Man, New X-Men and Civil War: War Crimes.  He also worked for DC again on All-Star Western and Wonder Woman '77.

Away from Marvel and DC, Staz has worked on Judge Dredd, Thargs Future Shocks and Rogue Trooper for 2000AD, Heroes for Wildstorm and Vikings for Titan. 

You can find more of Staz online at his website

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