The Awesome Comics Podcast at #TBCF2018

After the success of this years appearance at True Believers, we're delighted to welcome The Awesome Comics Podcast team back for True Believers 2018, which will see Vince and Tony once again reign terror down on Cheltenham Racecourse! And this time they're bringing Dan along too!

For those who have never listened to the Awesome Comics Podcast (you really should), ACP is a weekly podcast hosted by Vince Hunt (creator of The Red Mask From Mars), Tony Esmond (writer for Down The Tubes) and Dan Butcher (creator of Vanguard) that puts the focus on Small Press Comics and their creators.

As well as bringing the Awesome Pod to TBCF for another panel, they will also be bringing copies of The Red Mask From Mars, Vanguard and more to the convention floor.

You can find more of The Awesome Podcast online on podbean, along with The Red Mask From Mars, Vanguard and Down The Tubes.

Don't miss out on the Awesome Pod at TBCF, buy your tickets now from our ticket page.