Des Taylor at True Believers 2017

We are thrilled to welcome the fantastic Des Taylor to the True Believers family and as our guest at True Believers Comic Festival 2017! 

Des is known for his pop art animation style and retro pin up girl art that has led to him providing distinct variant covers for titles such as Titan's Doctor Who and some of DC's variant covers for Bombshell's Month, including Superman/Batman, Suicide Squad & Catwoman!  

Des has also created his own comics, including The Vesha Valentine Story, The Trouble With Katie Rogers and Scarlett Couture.  Des is also one third of the team that make up Sky One's DC Fancast, on which he is the resident comic book expert, regularly giving back information on the source comics that inspire the shows and taking part in drawing challenges during an episode as well. If you can't wait until February to see Des in person, you can find more of him online at DeviantArt and on Twitter @DESPOPART!

And don't forget, you can buy your tickets to True Believers 2017 on our website.