The Etherington Brothers at #TBCF2018

We're delighted to welcome the high energy duo The Etherington Brothers back to Cheltenham Racecourse for True Believers Comic Festival 2018.

Robin & Lorenzo are the writer/artist siblings behind Long Gone Don, Baggage, Von Doogan and Monkey Nuts (among many others) as well as regulars in The Phoenix, where they not only have great stories, but Lorenzo also does regular drawing tutorial sheets, each offering tips and skills for drawing anything from facial expressions to smoke effects and beyond.

They also take their tutorials from the page and run regular workshops aimed at teaching children the art of storytelling, through a high energy session that encourages children to get involved and be an active part of the workshops.

You can find more on The Etherington Brothers on their website.

And don't forget you can buy your tickets for the event from our ticket page now.