Cam Smith at True Believers 2017

As we reach our final guest announcement for True Believers 2017, we're delighted to welcome the fantastic Cam Smith as our guest for True Believers 2017!

Cam's career in comics began at Marvel UK in the early 90’s where he worked mostly as an inker (but also providing full art sometimes too) collaborating there with likes of Doug Braithwaite, Carlos Pacheco, Bryan Hitch and Liam Sharp, before eventually teaming up with Gary Frank (on Motormouth).

He then moved to Marvel US, working on The Incredible Hulk with Frank before teaming up again with Pacheco for the Bishop and Starjammers projects for Marvel’s X-Men. After a run on Uncanny X-Men (inking Andy Kubert) he moved over to DC in the late 90's, where he worked on Supergirl (again with Gary Frank) and then did a three year run on Superman inking Ed McGuinness before returning to Marvel for various projects (including Fantastic Four and The Amazing Spider-Man). 

Make sure you stop by Cam's table at True Believers 2017 and say "Hello!"

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