True Believers Presents Sketchtember 2017


As part of our ongoing mission to get people drawing, this September we will be launching the first True Believers SKETCHTEMBER! (No connection to Inktober, promise) and we want you to get involved.

Both Stuart and Andy have decided to sharpen their pencils and are attempting to produce a drawing for every day of September - that’s 30 drawings in 30 days! And because that’s not difficult enough (!) the drawings will be Themed! Andy has decided to do 30 drawings of his character ‘Zoot’ (its about time he learn’t how to draw him properly…), and Stuart has decided on marking the 25th Anniversary of 'Batman the Animated Series’ for his 30 draws.

They will be posting each image up daily on the TBCF Facebook page and are putting out the call to all the artistic bods out there who fancy a challenge and feel like taking part too! Whether you want to come up with a theme over the 30 days or just do some free sketching, we'd love to see what you create.

We'll be putting a post up everyday on the Facebook page so you can post your work in the comments, or if you prefer to post on Twitter or Instagram please use the hashtag #TBCFsketchtember so we can see what you've created.

Happy drawing True Believers.