TBCF2017 Cam Smith commissions NOW OPEN!

As True Believers Comic Festival rapidly approaches, it's time to start thinking about your commissions!  Booking your commissions in advance helps to save you time on the day and also ensure that your art will be there for you on the day. Some guests also prefer to take commissions in advance rather than doing them on the spot, so it never hurts to find out in advance. 

When a guest opens their commission list, we'll let you know here, starting with;


Artist and inker Cam Smith has opened up his sketch list for True Believers 2017.  If you'd like a sketch from Cam, he prefers to do a more finished piece than an on the spot sketch, so prefers to do them in advance of the event and in ink, so contacting him in advance is the best way to ensure you get your sketch.  

You can contact Cam by sending him a private message via his Facebook page with your sketch requests.  

Some examples of Cam's sketch commissions can be found below;