Meet The TBCF Summer Tables #1

With the #TBCF2017: Summer Variant Edition mere days away, we take a look at some of the folks who will have tables at the event. To kick things off let us introduce the folks who will be making up our Creating Comics panel (and the other Etherington Brother too). There's more info on each picture.


Robin & Lorenzo are the writer/artist siblings behind Long Gone Don, Baggage, Von Doogan and Monkey Nuts. They are also regulars in The Phoenix, where they not only have great stories, but Lorenzo also does drawing tutorials.

As well as comics, they also run regular comic workshops in which they talk comics and share tips with children interested in creating comics.

SARAH MILLMAN (North Range #12)

Hi! I'm Sarah, an indie comic creator and avid tea drinker. I'm currently working on The Heart of Time (a time-travel adventure romp about a grumpy teenager and her pug) and NPC Tea (a modern fantasy following Cardiff's most unsuccessful tea shop run by an elf and a fire summon) and will be selling copies of my comics, prints and other goodness!

NICK PROLIX COMIX (North Range #8)

Creator of The Sheep And The Wolves and Nick Prolix's Slang Pictorial a retro comedy drama that follows the busted schemes and broken dreams of the smalltime residents of a fictional North London neighbourhood in the 1960s.

And you can see Robin, Sarah & Nick on our Creating Comics Panel at the event...

If you've ever thought about creating your own comic, or are just interested in the creative process then this is the panel for you, so why join Robin, Sarah & Nick as they talk about the art of creating comics, characters, stories and more in this fun packed panel for all ages.

You can find details on all of the tables at the event HERE and if you haven't bought your tickets yet, be sure to head to our TICKET PAGE to get yours now.