Paul Grist at True Believers 2017

We are delighted to welcome Writer and Artist Paul Grist to the True Believers family and as our guest at True Believers Comic Festival 2017.  

Paul began his career in comics working for DC Thomson and Fleetway, Grant Morrison's St. Swithin's Day (for Trident Comics), Grendel: Devil In Our Midst for Dark Horse Comics and Kinky Boots; a Judge Dredd adventure for 2000AD.

Paul went on to found Dancing Elephant Press, through which his famous characters Kane and Jack Staff were originally published, before making the move across to Image Comics.  At Image, Paul also created, wrote and drew Mudman.

Away from his own from his own characters Paul wrote the Batman short story Here Be Monsters, which was drawn by the late Darwyn Cooke and published in Batman: Gotham Knights #23 (and then collected into both Batman: Black & White Vol. 3 and Batman: Ego and Other Tails).

You can find more of Paul online at the link below;