True Believers Comic Festival #4

Saturday 3rd February 2018


A collection of photos taken at the event COMING SOON

Praise for True Believers 2018

"True Believers Comic Festival should be considered yet another rousing success in 2018, having overcome any and all obstacles in its first three years to reach what this reporter considers a true pinnacle of what the event can offer."

- James Blundell @

"There are so many things that are great about the show, from the way the organisers welcome and support their exhibitors to the range of guests artists, cartoonists, writers and the traders at the show, as well as the informative panels that put small press, self published creators and industry professionals in productive dialogue to the way cosplay is celebrated as part of comics culture, and all in a family-friendly celebration of this shared love of comics. "

- Nick Prolix @ Cockney Kung Fu Mailer

"As always TBCF delivered in it’s goal of being all inclusive, cosplay friendly and all about the artists."

- The Defective Inspector @

"True Believers was a great show. The venue is fantastic and the event is well run. I’d happily do this one again."

- Dan Butcher @

"True Believers continues to be a high quality show that focuses on a specific vision. If you want something that puts actual comics front and center while minimising the presence of plastic merch and blokes off Storage Wars, this is where to go!"

- Sam Webster @

"yet another flawless comic con"

- The Inheretic

"celebrates small press comics, cosplay and tabletop gaming in the best way; by being open, inviting and proud of all of it."

- Robin @ That Guy With The SHIELD T-Shirt

"True Believers was a great human experience, in that we saw a lot of the good side of people; unbridled enthusiasm, authentic self-expression, and a sense that everyone had gathered to celebrate a commonality."

- John Tucker @

Also, for some chat about the event and interviews with some of the creators on the day, check out Episode 135 of The Awesome Comics Podcast